US President Barack Obama, visited the El Reno prison at the Oklahoma City which has around 1,300 inmates, as he heard the overcrowding of the prison. Obama is the first President to visit such a federal prison as he wants to reform justice.

He also spoke to the drug-offence inmates that if he had not been given proper support, he would have been in their place.

After visiting the El Reno Federal penal institution, he promised to work on the condition of the prison. As he saw the institution with dim lights, grey halls etc. He addressed the wardens and guards about the bad condition of the prison.

Barack Obama also had a discussion with 6 of the non-violent drug inmates. This discussion would be shown in September on HBO’s Vice documentary program.

He also expects criminal justice to do a better job and to discriminate the drug offenders from the poor background and drug offenders from harsh violent background. May be this could be a way to control crime which would give them a chance to live their life and become responsible individuals.

Barack Obama told the reporters, that these people who have committed mistake is not different from the mistake I (Barack Obama) made. The difference is that they have never got proper support, second chance or proper resources as I was given. These things would have given them a chance to come over their mistakes.

This experience of drug use by Barack Obama is also mentioned in his own book “Dreams From My Father”. It is a chronicle book giving his personal experience in his life which was published in 1995.