Austrian officials said that the decomposing bodies of 71 people were found in a Hungarian truck with the license plate on the Austria border.

On Thursday morning police discovered the bodies in Truck, after which the vehicle was sent for Investigation which revealed that the vehicle was heading towards Vienna. According to Hungarian police, they have arrested four people over the discovery of the bodies of 71 migrants, thought to be Syrian, in a lorry in Austria.

Sources reported that authorities have initially said between 20 to 50 people died and they found the total bodies more than 20 to 50 people. According to Officials when the vehicle entered Austria from Hungary, the victims were already dead probably died after suffocating in the vehicle.

">August 27, 2015

The truck had the logo of a Slovakian poultry company Hyza and this company does no longer exist, but the buyers had not removed the brand yet.