Techcrunch / Bryce Durbin

For many years, there are constant rumors about Apple TV. But So far, Apple has come up through the set-top box with some variations. Now, online magazine Techcrunch believes that it will now change and has put together some details from insiders about Apple TV.

As part of the annual plan, on 9th next month Apple CEO, Tim Cook will not only present new iPhone but also exhibit a completely redesigned Apple TV. Techcrunch has therefore been asking more accurate questions and summarized worth knowing details and rumors about the Apple TV update.

Apple Remote Reloaded
Apple wants to pack a totally redesigned remote control that will have a small touch screen and be equipped with a motion sensor. To do so, the process will be significantly larger plus thicker than the previously supplied Apple Remote.

The motion controller is to be used essentially for the controlling applications and games. This technology will be used from PrimeSense which Apple had bought in 2013. PrimeSense previously had developed the Kinect module for the Microsoft's Xbox. Other media reports said the process is similar to the concept of Nintendo Wii.

This small box could even serve as a receiving module with sensors instead of cameras to record the movement of the controller in the room.

The catchword of the upcoming event is all about Siri. The language assistant Siri would be used as an operating concept is a much simpler and more cost-effective notion for the new Apple TV.

According to Techcrunch, the use of Apple A8 chips with dual-core in the new box is much likely. Apple requires a powerful processor in the Apple TV to compete with their gaming consoles feature as with Google's Nexus Player and catch up with Amazon Fire TV.