Image Credit: Francisco Seco/AP

After 2nd shot, Barcelona striked another headshot to Roma in Champions League on 34th minute. When Lionel Messi lost his temper where he gives a head butt to Roma's defender Mapoa-Yanga-Mibwa on a profanity which makes Friendly pre-season match to an unfriendly match. After being head butted, Yanga-Mibwa throat was rigidly grabbed by Messi where this rival couple was separated by Mibwa's teammate Leandro Castan. Spanish referee, Javier Estrada alleged (warn) both by showing yellow card and after these altercation the game continued 11 on 11.
Rather than this incident, coach Luis Enrique's side gained an impressive pre-season win, who lost their 3 matches earlier. The match firstly headed by Neymar, where he opened FCB's creditable account against Roma on 27th minute. Which was later duo by Messi on 41st minute. The Final showdown arrived by Ivan Rakitic who fired from 25 yards distance to top corner of net and predicts the game in the court of FCB on 66th minute.
After being beat-up by Rudi Garcia's team, FCB beautifully banged and backed on the ground of Champions League after a friendly-rivalry match against Roma.
Well, Messi is remarkable for calm and peaceful feature but was highlighted for fierce nature for few minutes on Wednesday night during the match. Likewise where Anger is one letter short of danger, Messi was 7 minute short of temper and goaled after the dispute.