British Airways

A long-haul flight of British Airways had to make an emergency landing in Russia's Irkutsk apparently on the way from the South Korean capital Seoul to the London. The emergency landing was provoked due to an explosion of a BlackBerry Smartphone.

As the Russian news agency Interfax reported, Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" British Airways was actually on the way from Seoul to London as when the pilot reported an emergency.

They asked for permission to an emergency landing at the airport of the Siberian city of Irkutsk, because of the accumulated smoke in the cockpit and in the cabin. Then, the plane made ​​an unscheduled landing in Irkutsk and rescue workers investigated the cause of the smoke.

BlackBerry 9720

According to the media such as Russian Life News, "BlackBerry 9720 Smartphone belonged to the British Passenger Andrews Hill. He used his smartphone during the flight and accidentally dropped it between the seats. In an attempt to get the gadget out from it, the smartphone was exerted strong pressure mounting of the seat. As a result, the battery has been squashed and exploded - said a law enforcement source."

After landing in Irkutsk, the device was checked and there were no further objections so the aircraft was refueled and then forwarded to continue its journey.

Among the 205 passengers aboard the long haul flight, there were no injuries reported. There are always reports of exploding smartphone batteries. In most cases, damage caused by too much pressure, because it can create a short circuit, then ignite the materials of the current memory in an intense reaction.