What is cartoon? An animated piece of film which is often but not exclusively humorous. But actually no one's aware of the genuine meaning of the concept 'cartoon.'Some say, it’s a set where magical characters are created and instructed to entertain people. Whereas some say, a fictional people which don’t have any existence so just watch and switch off the show, a very of wiki answers, but according to me it is a sketch which given life by us.

More than an entertainer, cartoon also shapes the future of society. Children are like clay. They are molded by those who surround them. Their environment shapes them and they adapt. They are the reflection of those that have created them. And it could be any element that can mold or disarrange the rest.

In our childhood everyone’s idol was a cartoon character. With super heroes Batman, Spiderman, powepuff girls, that actually take us in the virtual scenario and make us a defender of justice, with a believe that always truth overcome the lie. Which actually feature us a good character of our plot (life).

Cartoons have given many new things. Actually a view to loop from real scenario to innovative world, where life is a sketch too. But every coin has two sides, if cartoon has a positive side, it too has a negative aspect. Cartoons have affected each and every aspect of our life. There are variety of genre in cartoons, action for boys and fairy tales for girls. Which also make a child to accept a epic 'gender inequality' concept as a ethic, with a standard dialogue from earlier time, "blue for boys, pink for girls".

A thought arises in every child connecting with cartoons: Cartoons are like companion for us who will never fight with us, instead just listen what we feel, what we want and what we are? The reality that where parents don’t give attention to their child, they are binded up with that fictional character in their life, which also give a rise to an imbalance in relationship between parents and the child.

But actually, the real super heroes in a kid's life is his/ her own parents on whom they always dependent on, rather than that fictional characters they always binds up with. It's not the cartoon or fictional character that shapes up a child's psychology but it's up to the parents that makes a child a good character in the plot, existing of every aggressive shows in the media.

Nowadays, animation conveys a lot of artistic expression, which is used by a vast number of professionals, for making conventional cinema and TV movies. Today, it is not very difficult to succeed in 3D animation and widening field of multimedia, comparatively to the past. Arising artist have begin to see animation as an ideal way of giving expression to their ideas, through image line-ups. And that's all of the technological succour we have at our disposal, but all the endeavor that have been made up until today, deserve to be known and remembered.

Walt Disney Statue at Bangalore Film City

Walt Disney Statue at Bangalore Film City

Paying tribute to the pioneers from Caricature (1700-1770) with aim to define the essence of person in few deft stroke of the pen, along with invention of animated cartoons in 1895- La Sortie Des Usines at Paris, the very first images in movement, in all history of cinema to Walt Disney - the beginning of animated film with sound, who made possible the birth of animated cartoons, via a chronology which started the first and rudiment optical toys and concludes with innovation which have made possible execution of animated cartoons as we know them now.