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New Delhi, for continuously two weeks the demand for gold has been on a peak, as its prices surged at Rs.245 to a three month high price of Rs.27,425 per 10 grams at the billion market. The jewelers buy a huge amount in order to competite the wedding season demand and satisfy their wants.

Here, Silver also soar up at a high demand and gained of Rs. 100 to Rs. 36,600 per kg as the industries are making huge number of units and coins. Around 12 days ago, the precious metal had also gained Rs. 2,200. The sovereign piece of eight gram each held at Rs. 22,600. Every week silver is deliver at Rs.15 to Rs. 36,200 per kg.

Besides this, the 100 pieces of silver coins price was unchanged at Rs.52,000 for buying and Rs. 53,000 for selling. In May, in the national capital, the gold of 99.5 percent and 99.9 percent purity surged at Rs.245 each to Rs. 27,275 percent and 27,425 per 10 gram respectively. The bullion traders said, that the overseas where gold is recorded as the huge rally in seven months. Jewellers buy brisk to meet the high seasonal wedding demands has mainly lifted the gold prices.

Since January 16 onwards, gold prices rallied 42 percent in this week. Yesterday’s Trade gold in Newyork which normally has price trend in the domestic front, gained 0.6 percent to USD 1,159.60 an ounce.