Roberto Schmidt / AFP via Getty Images

Kerala minister reported, that the Kerala government which is supported by the UN World Food Programme (WFP) has launched some project of Rs. 250 crore approximately to ensure that the 14,000 ration shops in the state turned paperless.

As per the sources; the State Minister for Food and Civil supplies Mr. Anup Jacob stated, the pilot project in this regards has been launched and at the moment the computerization process has began with the 14 selected ration shops.

He further added, that they expect to wind-up this project in a span of three months and after that they will be going for the statewide implementation which will be expected to finish it in a year. He also said, that the fund for this project will not be a problem as the Centre which they will provide them will be in installments because the state government is also sharing the cost.

This project will basically ensure, that the states much have lauded public distribution system; this will become more effective and transparent, he further added.
Sources confirmed, that Jacob also stating that as soon as the entry is made in a ration shop, then that information goes to the main server and gets accounted for in all concerned offices. All the vehicles which carry food items for ration distribution would be monitored through the GPS system.

Furthermore, the WFP is also partnering the state government by taking efforts to improve the transparency and the efficiency in the delivery of food of 34 million people across the state.

On this project the WFP country director Hameed Nuru stated, if this project to change the way food is delivered in Kerala completes successfully then it can also be replicated in other parts of India.

The WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency which is fighting for hunger globally, on an average. The WFP annually reaches to more than 90 million people with food assistance all over in 80 countries.