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The Top Official Company says that Luxury Car maker Mercedes- Benz India PVT Ltd hopes to close 2015 with double digit growth as they are expanding its network and to launching five more new models. On Wednesday, the managing director Eberhard Kern said that during the first half of the current year, they used to sell around 6,600 units and normally sales during the second half of the year will be better than the first half and he was there to inaugurate outlets and service centre which was owned by VST Titanium Motors.

According to Kern, the company has already launched 10 new models and five more are to be launched. Recently, this year the company followed the 15 in 15 policy- 15 new models as well as 15 outlets. He also said that nine new outlets have been launched and six more are to be launched. Kern said that the sales growth in south regions is higher as they get one third of its total sales from coming from this region.

Kern also said that in India with 78 outlets in 39 cities the Mercedes Benz brand has the densest network for the luxury car brand. In 2015, luxury car segment is expected the total volume of around 38000 units as compare to the 34000 units sold in 2014. Overall car market in the country the total volume is around 1.5 percent but is still higher than the Asian market. Kern said that this year the company hopes to make the volume of around 3000 units.