Negotiation took place between Narendra Modi and Prime minister Of Nepal Sushil Koirala over phone expressing concern about the violence occurred in Nepal.

Ruled by an interim constitution, Nepal has been in final steps to segregate their federal provinces in the country. The protest over the creation of new states is turning violent, as 20 people including 17 policemen were killed in this violence and over 100 have been injured.

Expressing sorrow for loss of lives in Nepal Modi said, “Political leadership should resolve all outstanding issues through dialogue between all political parties and through the process of widest possible consultation, including with the public.”

Military department of Nepal are keeping watch on the movements of protesters and so declared curfew in violence area and mobilize to quell the protest.

Admitting the responsibility towards Nepal, as a neighbor Modi granted support from India in this turmoil situation. “India will continue to provide support to Nepal in accordance with the wishes and priorities of the people to achieve the goal,” he said.