Due to the sluggish supply of the crops, onion prices at Lasalgoan in Maharashtra rose today to Rs.43 on per Kg this year. It is also well known for the Asia’s biggest wholesale market for onions.

It is seen that the current wholesale price is very higher than the average rate of Rs. 36.94 for per kg and Rs. 16.10 per kg that had prevailed respectively in August 2013 and 2014.

Due to the Sharp decline in the arrival of the crop, today onion prices have increased to Rs. 43 per kg and the data which is maintained by the National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation (NHRDF).

Today in the mandi, onions had arrived about the 3,500 quintals as against over the 10,000 quintals in the period of a year ago.

It was known from the traders that the prices increased are under the pressure due to the fall of production and the sluggish supply of stored onions are meant for the meeting the demand during the lean period of July-September.

They also informed that, all the farmers and traders are also holding with the stocks in Maharashtra due to which the anticipating further rise in prices and as the country’s top onion production state are releasing the limited quantities for sale in the wholesale market.

As per the record there is less than 30 lakh tones of stored onions that are left in the domestic market to cater for the supply until this September.

This year’s total onion production is around 189 lakh tones which is 2014-2015 the crop year and which is slightly lower than 194 lakh tones in the year ago period.

Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh are among the top three onion producing states in the country.