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This cannot be disagreed that the past few years had been a scenic of unsual weather patterns all over the globe. One western state undergoes through severe drought in years, another neighbouring state is striken heavily with torrential rains and spates. Ice caps indicates danger alarms of melt down, while the mountain states got snowy in June.

Due to irrational weather, scientists are bout to equally divide the freak occurrences, whether it is global warming or the natural cycle of weather. People claim that, due to developed and advanced technology, it's been easier of being aware that what's been occurring naturally over the centuries, while others state that due to hike in atmospheric vapour, it appears to be an effect on weather patterns.

Those who are provoking for recognition of global warming, highlights that increase in greenhouse gases and pollution since past five decades are making earth's heat back to the surface rather than dispersing it into the space. This scorching allows more moisture to be stuck in an endless cycle that some says; it can be only broken by human intervention.

In 2005 hurricane weather was spectacular even though deadly in United states, notably Hurricane Katrina, but the record year of hurricanes is 1969. Camille, one of the expensive storm over the century on lives and properties, which could be measured as duo of Katrina.

Even for a world getting who are getting used to untamed season, since May, seems trap on strange.

Torrential downpours in Texas that have whiplashed the region from drought and flooding. A heat stroke that has assassinated more than 1800 people in India. Record 91 - degree in Alaska, of all places. A couple of top-of-the scale typhoons in the Northwest Pacific, and a drought take place in East.

"Mother Nature who pummeling crazy stuff on us " , Rutgers university climate scientist Jennifer Francis says. "It's just of one thing after another."

Jerry Meehl, an extreme weather expert at the National Center for Atmospheric research points that, since, May is a pretty extreme month, with massive amount of tornados and downpours. Even though, this has been unlikely strained, he further added.

In May, as bad as Texas was flooding the heat wave in India was been worse - in fact, the world's fifth deadliest since 1990. And it is an outcome of the stucked jet stream. According to Francis and other meteorologists, jet stream is in a rut, not moving along with weather.

As May being a transition month, due to jet stream meanders, stik suffering till today, varies the direct and indirect effects of climate change.

Keeping aside the matter of global warming, which is accountable for the strange weather that countries around the world has been suffering over the past decade. It's a fact that human - made pollution and greenhouses are contrariantly (adversely) affecting the environment and it's up to us, how to repair that damage as quickly.