Last year, the state government of India had made the interest payout along with the partial loan repayment to the tune of Rs 28000 Cr. On Friday, State Finance Minister AmitMitrastated; the cumulative borrowings of West Bengal stand at Rs.82000 Cr since when MamataBanerjee –led Trinamool Congress came into power in 2011 respectively.

Amit Mitra Quoted; the state’s effective borrowings for repayments and interest payouts is Rs 6000 Cr from the total outstanding amount Rs 76000 Cr that has been utilized. During the FICCI Banking Conclave AmitMitra further added, that the debt burden is a legacy of the erstwhile government that they have to deal with. Mitra also said that 88000 Cr has already been invested or still in the process.

The General Secretary of industry body FICCI has also marked to improve the state’s work culture. Mitra said, "On the day of the last shutdown in the state, we had 94 percent attendance while it is 80 percent on normal days". In offices, the state government has implied attendance rule as compulsory. On August 18, following a shutdown call by the congress.