Facebook / Official Ashraf Ghani

Strongly condemning the corruption Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced for a National Jihad to eliminate the evil attached to the country.

Speaking of the reasons for evolution of corruption, he picked few sectors which leads to major corruption in country. According to him, government contracts, land grabbing, illegal drug production and trafficking are the major issues which strike corruption.

“Political influence and interference is a primary cause of corruption in the customs sector. Shortcomings in the customs have contributed to the spread of corruption and smuggling,” said Ghani.
Emphasizing on the problems he explained each issue in detail and tried to find solution to it.

Admitting that the government is committed to curb corruption in country, he said fundamental measures have been taken for it. He also expressed gratitude of Ulema Council for “caring about the issue of corruption.”

Much concerned about the problem Ghani compared corruption to a ‘cancerous lesian’ that can be a danger to the nation.