Director Imtiaz Ali was found worried for the publicity of the upcoming film “Tamasha”. After witnessing Ranbir who is lacking in the social media, Imtiaz is now pinning hopes on his leading lady in the film the Piku star Deepika Padukone.

The sequence was formed due to the part of an over 2 minute video clip in which Imtiaz and Ranbir are involved in a playful. Both are seen friendly banter over the actor’s absence from the social networking sites.

It was found that both were watching a video of Deepika and Ranbir, where he was struggling to name the links of their official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages of “Tamasha”.

On which Imtiaz said to Ranbir, so this is how you are going to promote the film? What is this? This is on air, you are exposed. Please don’t do this.

Ranbir replied to Imtiaz that Sir, please let me do this, my last film “Bombay Velvet” didn’t work. I need more publicity because it did not do well at the box-office.

Bombay Velvets actor Ranbir 32, even jokes that Deepika “conspired” against him and used CGI to show him in their video.

On which Imtiaz was found taunting Ranbir by saying, “Sir Deepika is now only my hope for the publicity, I have seen what all kind of publicity you have done. You are not on any social media site and running this also.

According to our sources, Ranbir is really working very hard for the publicity and he even asked for one chance and said that he will be able to name the URL of the page correctly but the director is no more interested and he replied that “I’ve worked hard on this film and you don’t even know the URL!”

According to the sources, Ranbir finally showed the URLs and on which director Imtiaz by mocking him tries to touch his feet and in turn Ranbir paunches on the director for a bear hug.

After a long turn back Deepika and Ranbir will be seen together in their upcoming film “Tamasha” after “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”. The film Tamasha is going to hit the theatres on 27th November.