Maharashtra Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar announced today that there would be no new tax rules in the Marathwada region, as it is facing drought conditions.

He said that, the intention behind raising loans was to satisfy the farmers and make them believe that in crisis as well the government stands with them, as it was instructed by Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

The government will soon take a review about the irrigation projects from last four years. But as the drought conditions no new tax rules would be charged on this region.

Regarding the cost escalation he said that, if this month supports good rain then it could immediate the recourse to avail loan but there’s chances of the cost to take a peak if it does not rain this month.

He also informed that all the old, existing and new projects and schemes will be reviewed, out of which some shall not be implemented as there were on the papers and never implemented. But all the schemes given by the previous government would not close down; some of them will exist as they help in public welfare.

Out of the 15 recommended states by the State Reorganization it’s the Vidarbha which needs its separate entity. But in the legislative assembly BJP does not have majority to pass resolution on this regard, he added.