Google reveals new arousing mobile - friendly features to Google Docs. And it works pretty well! This deploys the new feature which emphasizes Google's unremitting efforts for dominating the cloud application market.

The most remarkable feature introduced by Google, in new Google Doc, is voice dictation or in other words 'voice typing ', which initially avails 40 languages. This feature runs on both Android and iOS devices and can be used by users by clicking on a microphone button.

More than vocal dictation, Google introduces new 'Research' feature, and an 'Explore' feature on Google Docs. Though, the above-mentioned features presently run only on Android devices, not iOS devices.

The 'Research' feature on Google Docs gives users an experience to work on a unique topic with an ability of highlighting text for retrieving current insertion in the documents.

Next, the 'Explore' feature has been made to draw meaningful data that users can store in Google spreadsheet app, and display data in the form which makes sense.

This new Google Docs features will run on Windows PC and on MacOs avails that the users utilize Google Chrome browser.