Google the world’s largest and one among the popular companies has recently launched its new Street View app. This app will help you not only navigate through the Earth with a 360 - degree view of shoot but would also allow you to view and shoot your own 360 - degree photos and most important it provides an option to upload it directly on the app.

Once you download this app in your phone you will see a ‘collection’ tab which would help you see grouping of similar imagery such as art installations or zoos.

Also it lets you see the photo spheres shared by others and yourself as well to the Google maps. There are more option which provides you your own privacy and what you wish to share publically. This private tab is more lovable for those who want to make their data into private mode.

An orange button in the lower right corner takes you into a photo-sphere camera from anywhere in the app. This orange button directs you to point your phone.

The Street View app also lets users create their own 'photo spheres' that can be submitted to Google.

The app will be available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms.
Google always tries to make something new and creative for their users and this time Google has created a very useful app and through creating various apps they are the developing company as well and due to the new app it would get easier for those people who love to play with photos.