Imran Khan being foody on the sets of Katti Batti whereas giving him extreme competition in food was his film's director Nikhil Advani.

Imran Khan and his Katti Batti Director, Nikhil Advani shared one love - The love for food.

Both Actor and Director turned guides for the entire cast of the Katti Batti. They always kept competitions between them as to who can eat more.

The actor and director would altogether do research from the nearby restaurants and decide a menu for the entire crew.

On one event towards the end of the shoot, Imran even gave a live exhibition of his cooking expertness in the kitchen.

A source reveals that, "The on-screen actor cum Chef cooked some chili corn carne a Mexican dish for the entire crew at the end of the shoot."

Kangana who experienced all the fun on the set, when asked to comment on this she said, "Imran can even digest a tractor!"