As per the sources; an Indian-American woman has made the list of top 30 female business leaders in Austin Business Journal’s viz is “2015 Profiles in Power and women of Influence”. Rina Patel, an area President for Wells Fargo in Austin has been recognized as the “Female powerhouse on the Austin Business Scence.”

Austin Business Journal reported, “ Rina Patel has shown tremendous flexibility in her career, as illustrated by her career path. She has been willing to take on new roles and to relocate to new communities to develop her leadership skills and knowledge and its paid off.”

According to the career progression of Patel it is said, that she has grown over the past 11 years by jumping from teller to banker then again banker to service manager, then store manager in various stores, then she played the role of a district manager ,overall 15 stores and this as her career journey to her current role as an area president. She manages more than 375 team members in Wells Fargo.

Patel was quoted saying for a business magazine, “As women, we focus on working on ourselves and how to become a better leader through our interpersonal skills. What is often missed in our development is having a strong balance of these three areas. This is a critical key piece to further your career path into leadership roles.”