Thiruvananthapuram: beginning of April 1, the Kerala government enforcing and bring its new liquor policy from the current fiscal and it has been noticed that the sale of liquor became low while on another hand the sale of beer is quite high. The Kerala State Beverages Corporation observed that liquor sales were not that high from April's first quarter only.

An excise official said; that during the current fiscal from April to June there has been a downfall in the sale of liquor to the tune of rs. 10.74 lakh as compared to the same period in the previous fiscal and the sale of beer during the same period soar up by rs. 13.50 lakh. During this time on account of the new liquor policy, more than 700 bars used to misguide their customers saying that liquor has been ban and there are some other bars who possess licences to sell beer and wine only.

In the state, only 24 five star hotel bars have provided liquor into their Hotels. Beer and liquor are available in 344 states including retail shops and every year 10 percent of them would be closed. Today, Kerala Excise Minister K. Babu inaugurated a programme (subodham) which was aimed towards decreasing the demand for alcohol and this campaign is continued in the neighbouring states that are Tamil Nadu and Karnataka who started bars on Kerala’s border.

The minister said, ”the department is going beyond the call of duty in spreading an awareness programme through Subodham.” Senior congress legislator K. Muraleedharan, son of former Chief Minister K.

Karunakaran said “Revolutionary prohibition programmes have only created new avenues for alcohol sale and consumption. We have to understand the reality of the situation and find the apt solution for ‘Alcohol-free Kerala’.”