New York; Researchers found that the THC is the active substance in Marijuana, which proves to be a useful anti-rejection therapy.

In many conditions where transplanted organ might not be perfectly equivalent, which is today possible due to Marijuana where rejection of an incompatible organ could be eliminated.

"Excited to display that cannabinoid receptors plays an essential role in prolongation of rejection of a foreign graft by repressing immune reaction in the recipient ", said by Mitzi Nagarkutti, researcher at University of South Carolina School of Medicine in the US.

"This spaces up a new area for research which leads up to better approaches in preventing transplant rejection and in addition treat other inflammatory diseases, " Nagarkutti added.

While inventing this, Nagarkutti and coworkers naits(uses) two groups of mice that genetically varies and transplants the skin from one group to another.

All of the mice forwarded an incompatible skin, where as one group was entreated with a placebo and another was treated with THC.

Observation resulted that the rejection of skin grafts in mice, received THC was delayed as compared to the group that only received placebo.

Researchers alarms that the transplant patients should not prefer Marijuana as a therapy without the assistant of physician and acquiesce with all local, state and federal laws.