Democrat Hillary Clinton sent and received emails which was revealed on Monday and while the scrutiny it spoke all about the US and Pakistan’s diplomacy.

The emails from 2010 which was found in an account using a private server at Clinton’s residence which also weighed classified information.

The emails revealed all those remarks about Pakistan’s counter-terrorism measures whenever the US comments used the phrase “do more” in the context. It was an official statement which was found in a mail.

The phrase was always taken negatively by the Pakistan military to convince the Pakistanis, as it was shown that US is a malign influence. Among these mails there was also a mail regarding the nuclear deal which was desired by Islamabad, the same deal which India has already with US. But the second report stated the denial of the nuclear deal.

There were many other such mails which were revealed and which are still being scrutinized. However Clinton’s claim says that there was nothing confidential in the mails.