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A suicide blast takes place outside a local office in Pakistan, situated in Northwest tribal area of Khyber Agency today, which resulted in assassination of six people and exceeding 50 others being injured, as per the sources.

Shahab Ali Shah an Assistant Political Agent was quoted saying; that the sleeper cell wants to enter his office in Jamrud, the capital city of Khyber Agency, but when he was stopped at the entrance gate by Khasadar Force tribal police, he exploded himself at the gate, Dawn stated.

Local media covered that the bomber targeted Shah immediately after he arrived to a hospital.

The attack was aimed on paramilitary vehicle in the Jamrud area of Khyber Agency, official Shaukatullah Afridi, who was meters far away from the blast, Reuters reported.

This vehicle is of Khasadar or tribal police force, where at least 43 injured and were immediately rushed to the Hayatabad Medical Complex in Peshawar, which is about 12 miles to the east, hospital Dr Noor Wazir added that the death toll may rise.

Shah said that the injured people comprehend 16 tribal policemen.

Thus far, no group has still accounted for the attack.

Security forces have cordon the attack site for further investigation along with imposition of a curfew in the area.