Researchers’ at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has come up with a new phenomenon by detecting the most distant galaxy of 13.2 billion years and it should be noted that the universe itself is of 13.8 billion years old.

Named to be EGS8p7, the galaxy is powered by population of unusually hot stars which make the galaxy luminous.

Researchers quoted that there was a big bang which resulted into formation of soup of charged particles and photons. With the passagc of time of half billion to a billion years, the galaxies converted the neutral gas to ions.

What we know universe as today is ionized.
“Reionisation is one of the major key questions to answer in our understanding of the evolution of the universe,” said AdiZitrin, NASA Hubble post-doctoral scholar in astronomy.

To the surprise of scientists, they observed a Lyman-alpha line, the spectral signature of hot hydrogen gas, is seen faintly which is supposed to get observed by the galaxy. The Lyman-alpha line is not observed in any of the galaxy as per scientists.
The researcher team is currently acquiring more information on the present discovery.