Social networking giant Facebook has launched a tool that will help Journalists find, scan, and file stories on its extensive network Facebook, and its online mobile photo-sharing and video-sharing site Instagram.

Facebook's new tool called ‘Signal’ will take on micro-blogging site Twitter, which is considered to be the biggest source of breaking news for Journalists.

Signal is a free tool which will help Journalists to track new trends, posts, videos, and photos for storytelling and reporting from nearly 1.5 billion Facebook users and 300 million Instagram users.

Journalists can easily embed any Facebook and Instagram post in their coverage by simply selecting and copying the posts embeds code.

This launch comes a week after Facebook made its 'Mentions' app available to journalists with verified profiles.

Signal is the newest of the Facebook effort to connect itself with the Media Publications and Journalists.

Click here for more details by Andy Mitchell (Director of Media Partnership) on the new tool.

">September 17, 2015