The Katti Batti couple Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut had suffered injuries while shooting a comic fight scene in the film.

While shooting one of the scene Imran also got cuts on his hand.

The fight sequence in film wanted Imran to move up on a fountain, this finished in the performing Imran enduring minor injuries for him on his hands.

The injuries not being major, Imran kept shooting for the duration of the day.

The specific scene where actors are seen in the fountain with chlorine.

Both the actors must be soaked altogether in chlorine water.

The whole crew of the movie along with Imran & Kangana had a memorable moments in it.

Katti Batti is a film based on the adventure of Maddy and Payal who face ups and downs in their life.

Katti Batti is set to hit the Screens on 18 September, 2015.