It is believed that Emperor Ashoka was aware of the terrors of war, so he wished to forbid humanity to utilize their knowledge of evil practices. To prevent its people from getting this experience, he established the most powerful secret society on earth known as the Nine Unknown Men.

During his administration, fundamental data of science from past and present was maintained in secrecy. After this, for the next two thousand years, all research materials, ranging from the structures of metal and its mutation to the ways of communication, were to be hidden behind the mystical men commonly supposed to concerned with supernatural phenomena.

Talbot Mundy was a man behind the story, he first theorized this tale in 1927 book the Nine Unknown, which is half fiction and half scientific analysis. He was a member of the British police force in India for twenty-five years.

According to Mundy, these Nine Unknown were in possession of different Nine books that were having detailed account of technology and regularly updated.

Nine Books

1. Propaganda and Psychological Warfare: The first book, which is said to have devoted to the methods of propaganda and psychological warfare, According to Mundy "It is the most hazardous of all sciences, because after creating mass opinion, anyone would be allowed to dictate the whole world."

2. Physiology: The second book describes how it is possible to kill a person by touching him. (Denial of the nerve pulse can cause a death of a person) It is also believed that Judo, which is a modern self-defence technique emerged from this book.

3. Microbiology: The third book was having information on microbiology. According to some myths and legends, the Nine Unknown Men are connected with the mystery of Ganges water. How is the Ganges water so pure? The answer is the unknown properties of the water that contain bacteriophages viruses, which attack bacteria and have only one aim: their reproduction. These bacteriophages viruses have the antibacterial ability to cure infectious diseases that do not harm any human beings.

4. Transmutation of Metals: According to a legend story, that in times of drought like situations religious welfare institutions and temples got large amounts of fine gold from mysterious people. These people possessed the technology about the transmutation of metals.

5. Study of Communications: This book comprises of a study about all types of communications, whether it is terrestrial or extra-terrestrial. We have to keep in mind that the Ashoka had this technology in the 250 B.C.E (Before the common era).

6. Secrets of Gravitation: The sixth book explains the mysteries of gravity. One special book is there in India from ancient times, known as Vaimanika Shastra, which is a Sanskrit text on aeronautics, it includes the instructions to build an aerodynamic plane.

7. Cosmology: This book contains the most comprehensive theory regarding the origin of our universe, solar system, and the earth-moon system.

8. Light: The eighth book is about the light.

9. Sociology: The ninth book on sociology provides the laws for the development of societies and ways of predicting their extinction.

According to some experts, Ashoka had the connection with Aliens, he might not be gone to the other planet but ETs(extra-terrestrials) came to visit him, who eventually made him the peace messenger.