The population of Sikhs in Toronto is happy as construction of new Gurudwarais taking place in Guelph city, Ontario.

A ceremony conducted to mark the onset of construction took place in attendance of hundreds of local and visiting Sikhs, dignitaries and neighborhood residents. Construction process could take 9 months to complete the project.

Westminster Woods Residents association has opposed the project in 2010 on the grounds of temple site,traffic hassles and architectural symmetry. Soon the opposition was ruled out and planning and designing of temple started way five years back.

The proposed Gurudwara is the outcome of donations by hundreds and thousands of $20,000 including $4 million bank loan.

Talking about the importance of Gurudwara at place Dr Ravi Rai, spokesperson for the Guelph Sikh Society said, “In future, communities across Canada just like Guelph will be home to immigrants and refugees fleeing persecution from all corners of the world. We are not just building Gurudwara here in Guelph, we are building a culture of acceptance here in Canada.”