Users of Windows smartphones should currently put a little more attention to what apps they download from the Windows Phone Store. In recent times many fake applications have emerged in the Phone Store, which attract users using the large brand name.

The security company Avast has pointed this issue on its blog. Accordingly, some fake apps found offering itself as the BBC or CNN, as well as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

The security researchers also discovered three different fake Avast Apps. Analyses have shown that these programs are not dangerous - so most of the apps are not malware. However, the users do not find what they expect.

For example, an app that pretends to be a US news channel CNN presents the user with no news from around the world. Instead, they get religious messages from the fundamentalist Christians on their display.

Making money from advertising

Money is the most crucial thing which hackers look for, obviously they are not doing this for free. Most fake applications want to get the user's permission to access location data. This seems to mainly serve the purpose of being able to place better advertising.

Some of the apps bring the users to sites that want to encourage them to install unnecessary additional applications that can probably solve problems, the problems which are actually not in their smartphone.

Avast backed both Google and Apple who have incorporated in increasing protections in their entire ecosystems, precisely to prevent such cases. As a result, Windows Phone Store is an excellent place for hackers to hunt for security loopholes.