The accused arrested on December 7, 2014 at Mathura an Uber taxi driver Shiv Kumar Yadav convicted by Delhi high court under rape case in December 2014. Court convicts Shiv Kumar under offences of endangering women's life while raping her, abducting and criminally intimidating her.

On 5th December, Shiv Kumar had sexually assaulted 25-year-old finance executive woman working in Gurgaon, in the cab she had hired after dinner with her friends to reach her house at Inderlok.

The women in her statement claims that, she fell asleep in the cab and was then taken to a deserted area not far from her home in north Delhi where Yadav raped her and threatened to violate her with an iron rod, a barbarous tactic used in the fatal gang-rape of a young student on a moving bus in the capital in 2013.

After prosecution of 28 witnesses in the case, the Delhi high court today found Yadav guilty in all four charges- rape, abduction, intimidation and causing harm. The 32-year-old Shiv Kumar faces a punishment of life imprisonment. The driver who is in judicial custody was present with his wife, parents and other family members. The court will hear arguments on his imprisonment on Friday, October 23.

While Yadav had denied the entire allegation leveled against him, terming them wrong. Yadav has tried by one of the special fast track courts introduced in 2013 following the fatal gang rape of the student a crime that had shocked the nation and sparked unprecedented protests.

These rape case had once again raised a question in minds of people of Delhi about the security of women and about the services like Uber aren't safe to operate in cities like Delhi. Uber was banned from operating in Delhi in the aftermath of the attack on the young woman executive.