Adidas has presented a concept for a new shoe called Future Craft 3D. It is about individualized sports shoes that will produce by 3D printers, which should be made available in near future. The new shoe began in cooperation with the Belgian specialist for 3D printing named Materialise.

The shoe is called "Future Craft 3D" which is a prototype with a unique running midsole. In principle, similar to the whole adaptation of own coats for sports shoes, Adidas has not given a separate layer, but the entire sole individualized to ensure more comfort.

The sole itself is a novelty because it's having a built similar to the net, sequentially giving a very flexible structure.

"Futurecraft is our sandbox. It is how we challenge ourselves every day to explore the boundaries of our craft. Driving material and process innovation, bringing the familiar into the future. Marrying the qualities of handcrafting and prototyping with the limitless potential of new manufacturing technologies. Futurecraft is stripped back – fast, raw and real–it is our approach to design." said Paul Gaudio, Creative Director, Adidas.

How fast Adidas will start producing these shoes is not been clear. Even from when the customers can order the Future Craft 3D, is not yet known. But Adidas tries to create the prototypes to life soon.