Mumbai Police is sure about and knows that this machination (shadaiyantra) of his own arrest was completely planned, where the government departments were praising themselves for arresting Chhota Rajan.

Running away for more than twenty years from law enforcements and his mischievous competitor and ex-crime guru Dawood Ibrahim, the advance aged Rajan (55) decides to surrender himself to the claimed officials filed by the Crime Branch.

Yesterday, Home Ministry assures that Rajan Aka Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje was detained by Indonesia police at Bali Airport acting on a tip-off from Australian police, on a Red Corner Notice issued by Indonesia Interpol.

Though, officials of Crime Branch still believe that Rajan planned his own arrest, concludes by alerting authorities itself.

How was he arrested -

Seth (Rajan) architect his own arrest, by sharing his travel itinerary (Passport no: G9273860 registered in name of Mohan Kumar, Gauruda Indonesia flight no GA715, to Bali, from Sydney on 25th October) with Indian authorities who passed the said details with a Red Corner Notice to Australian intelligence that tipped off the Indonesia Interpol team" disclosed by a close source of Rajan.

When Rajan came over to visit a popular resort in Bali from Sydney-Australia to meet his aide, Anil Chandra. At his arrival Indonesia authorities detained Chhota Rajan and was asked to give his passport details along with his finger prints and eye scanning before taking him in.

Most Wanted Man in Mumbai -

There were 68 cases registered against Rajan in Mumbai, where 20+ cases are charges for murder and has been booked under several severe stringent laws such as MACOCA, Arms Act, Pota and TADA. First case was filed on attempt of murder in 1979 in Tilak Nagar, which is his home turf.

Joint commissioner of Police Atul Chandra Kulkarni says, "Regarding all the cases against Rajan, we're bringing all information together and awaiting for an official communication with several central agencies and soon he'll be under custody of Mumbai Police.
Added "There's a debate on how investigation proceedings will take place against Rajan, because some are before 1979. So we decided to set up a Special Investigation Team (SIT)"

History Events - How he entered crime world
Hitted by Poverty, Rajendra committed small crime under his primary guru Rajan Nair AKA 'Bada Rajan' who allot Rajendra to sell tickets in Black after Sahkar Cinema Theatre, Tilaknagar.

A conflict rises with Ghatkopar's gambling king Yashwant Jadhav, who hired men to move Rajendra and Bada Rajan away from his son area.
The consistent attack by Jadhav tends them to approach dreaded Gangster Varadaranjan Mudaliar.
Varadaranjan help them to acquire Jadhav's territory.
Jadhav to counter Varadaranjan approached Abdul Qunju.
Abdul Qunju assassinated Bada Rajan in 1982.
Vanished Rajendra for while, to intend a killing of Qunju.

There's a conspiracy taken with Sanjay Raggad and Sadhu Shetty to kill Qunju by Rajendra.
While Qunju was watching cricket match, they shot him from a close distance.
One of the daring attack that turned Rajendra to Chhota Rajan.
After this killing, gangster Dawood Ibrahim kept his proposal to be in his gang along with contract to kill Samad Khan nephew of ex-Gangster Karim Lala.

Arise of Rivalry
The deadly duo of Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan in Mumbai Underworld was till 1993.
1993 serial blasts in Mumbai cleaved them.

Rajan left the D-company and made his own gang that famed by rivalry against Dawood.

After so, Dawood's right hand is Chhota Shakeel.

Pakistan's spy agency ISI who favors Dawood, says to eliminate Rajan.
This separation sparked a dangerous gang war.

Rajan and his associates flew off from Dubai to eliminate Dawood and his gang members to eliminate Dawood and his gang members.
He killed the inducts of 1993 blasts to prove himself a 'Hindu' godfather.

Rajan gives information about Dawood to law enforcements.

In September, 2000 Chhota Shakeel plotted an attack on Rajan in Bangkok. But he succeeded to escape from the hotel's top.