Su chale che mare phaphde jalebi ani dhoklo. Tame maline anand thaiyo (pleased to meet you!) all that music playing getting this place turnt up.

Happy Navratri to you all!

The ultimate dating time of people in India, The English might have invented ball dance for courtship. But we have our own ways. If you want to get the party turnt up, do it the gujjus way. Let’s play dandiya! (That dandiya wound though)

SO all ya chokras and chokris, don your chanya cholis and kurtas and clap your hands together. Let’s play garba! So all ya hommies..…tame mari sath dance kaiso?

For people who don’t know what dandiya dance is, at first it might look like a scene out of HARRY POTTER movie; People with sticks in their hands doing duels, except they are wearing colourful clothes and seem to be dancing while doing it. Well it is a dance form where people dance in circles while hitting on each others stick or dandiya that they are holding in their hands AND NOT ON EACH OTHERS HANDS!! (all who hit me on hand last year). Though the steps are pretty simple, people like to add their own groves and moves to it(INDIgenious). So here are the people you are most likely to encounter during dandiya dance.

1. The Dancing Divas

This person would be all elegant while they enter the dance circle. Ladies would be all sophisticated doing minimal dance steps and you will be probably bored dancing with them. But after few rounds (dance rounds) they go CRAZY. They are the people who get the place turned up, Doing all the thumkas; the pop and locks and hip jhatkas. They would be blasting on your stick while dancing and you would be left thinking “what the hell just happened? Is this the same lady or someone swapped her with Mithun chakrovarthy.

2. The Hot Honcho

Let’s just agree on the fact that we fully scan the dance floor before entering the dadiya circle.

-That girl who was hitting on my man – ignore that circle

-That creepy guy- ignore that circle

-Who is that hot guy? – enter

And you would make that strategic move to enter the circle in such a way that you will get to dance with the hot guy. So you will be playing dandiya with someone
*click* * click * swirl * click *
And when that moment comes when you dance with the cute guy you would be blushing and batting your eyelashes and that’s when you realize that He doesn’t even look at you!?! He would be dancing with you, looking at some other place while you are looking at him with a incredulous look on your face. Like hello am I invincible? Who are you looking at? Is ET flying off in the air and you waiting for him to wave at you? And for that awkward 5 seconds you would be dancing pretending everything is alright while you’re self esteem goes crashing down the marina trench.

Oh so you ain't affected by this and you still have your confidence. Yeah wait for this next person to do the trick.

3. The Cinderella

We all like to dress up when we are going out for a occasion. But the level of dressing up just sky rockets when you have to look FAB dancing in front of 100 people. I’d be all like.. Get that new dress out; Matching jewellery; nail polish; eye lenses. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE PERFECT. After dressing up I enter the dance floor like I’m the boss, living in the moment, waiting for eyeballs to turn. But everyone seems to be already fixated at someone else and that’s when you notice CINDERELLA.
Perfect hair, bomb figure and that dress that falls perfectly, plus the way she dances! I used to convince myself that I will look stunning as her the next day, but the next day and the day after that she will be the star attraction like fairy god mother dresses her up, while I look like cinderella’s ugly step sister and what is more irritating is that the hot honcho notices her and SMILES. Hello FAIRY GOD MOTHER, where art thou? Your god child is here.

4. The Drunken Dancer

We all have faced this situation, where we were forced to dance with the guy who had 2 or more shots than he can take. It is all amusing when this person is dancing with someone else. But when it is your turn to dance with them it is a show for everyone else. They will be literally dancing their heads off, Doing duck dance; all kind of Kung Fu rather than hitting on the stick. They would be doing all kinda crazy moves. I mean how can they dance like that to a dandiya song?! I guess this is what would be happening in their head.
The song that everyone else hears:
Nagada sang dhol baje dhol baje dhai dhai dum dum dhol
The song in the head of the drunken dancer:
In such situation all you can do is hold your stick close to your face like shield, hoping they don’t smack you on the face or go crazy and do nagin dance.

These were some moments you will definitely relate to...... besides your enjoyment & continue with the same.