Samples of Maggi has cleared the test and could be soon arriving in the markets, announces Nestle.

Banned for excessive lead content in the product, Bombay High Court had ordered Nestle to get the samples tested in the laboratories and as per the results the samples have cleared the test conducted in three laboratories. The product could be hitting the markets after the redesigned product are also being tested in laboratories.

Talking about the product samples Nestle quoted, "We have received the test results from all the three laboratories mandated by the Honorable Bombay High Court to test Maggi samples. All the 90 samples covering six variants, tested by the laboratories are clear with lead much below the permissible limits".

Over 3,500 tests have been done of about 200 million packets, in both National and International laboratories which claims to be safe for consumption. Various International markets like USA, UK, Singapore, Australia also claims the same.

In June, the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) surveillance team of food products had restricted the distribution of Maggi in the markets due to its more than permissible lead content. Clearing the test in August the ban was lifted from the product.

Earlier said to be come back with the same Maggi, Nestle now announces that they are committed to reintroduce Maggi and hit the markets very soon.