Human rights violation by Pakistani army occupies in Kashmir (Pok), even the Balcohistan and Sindh has a need to be highlighted at global level, said Manohar Parrikar Defence Minister of India.

During the fund raising function held at Bambolim last evening, Manohar Parrikar spoke about "the role of Pakistan and Pakistani Army of giving birth to terrorism in their country and supporting them is need to be focused and has to be brought out globally as an serious issue".

He further said that "This is the best time for India to highlight human right violation by Pakistan and its army. The kids being murdered, butchered at Peshawar, even the people were killed during prayers in mosques are all terrorists tactics supported by Pakistan".

"Killing is almost in each and every part of Pakistan. These violence is the creation of 'Hate India Campaign' which is a poisonous seed sown by Pakistan in PoK," he said when he was questioned about human rights violation in POK.

He continued that "We had to inform Kashmiris about the treatment of Pakistan in PoK, and even I think they will never participate in this poisonous 'Hate India Campaign', Kashmiris are proud of their own".

Even when he was asked about the Indian defence on border to which he replied that, "India is capable of defending itself from the border terrorism. The nation is doing well for its defence that has to be done".

When asked about strategies of Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and Ajit Doval National Security Advisor could have Pakistan worried to Goa Chief Minister he said, "I think some aspects should be understood by symptoms. The worry can be seen on their faces and when they talk. I don't have to explain anything beyond that".