Federal Communications Commission

The mobile phone startup has now accidentally let appear its new smartphone model in advance on US communications regulatory FCC website, where the leaked Images of its upcoming smartphone "One E1005" appeared in documents. Possibly they forgot to submit the usual requests for confidentiality at first.

As the FCC documents listed the name, the new OnePlus "One E1005" has now been approved for the US market by the Authority. The papers unveiled not only the name and showed the first pictures, but also provided some information on which measures the new smartphone.

Thus, from an image we can affirm the height of just 6.9 millimeters while the model will be 14 centimeters long and 6.9 centimeters wide. Thus, here is likely a 5-inch display.

Some details have mentioned in the documents confirms in advance about the design that the resolution is far from optimal fails. The smartphone comes with a 1.9GHz processor, LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, FM radio, WiFi, USB 2.0 port and a 2450mAh large battery that is a typical value for a 5-inch model. Whether it will have a full-HD display or not is the question.

According to earlier suggestions and rumors of OnePlus, this new model might be "OnePlus X" although this is currently being debated by the documents. Also, it's probably a mid-range model, which features stripped-down specifications.

On Oct. 12 OnePlus has scheduled a media event in India and it is possible that OnePlus will announce this SmartPhone in an event.