Not giving the credits, Southampton University researchers foretells the weather outline showed in movie, 'The Day After Tomorrow' from the year 2004 could be a real impact if sudden breakdown of ocean currents revert global warming fury. They explore the fact that Earth can be packed up cooling down for a period of the next 20 years, if global warming and Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) occurs simultaneously.

In the movie, the atmosphere warming caused due to sudden collapse of AMOC that head to a sequence of destructive events across the United States, conclude taking place of tornado in Los Angeles and Floods in New York City.

The serve changes of weather lead to global cooling and subsequent occurrence of an ice age, deviating northern hemisphere into a complete frozen state.

Professor Sybren Drijfhout from the Ocean and Earth Science at University of Southampton commented that, "The planet earth restore from the AMOC state in around 40 years still global warming resumes at present day, but on eastern borders of North Atlantic (including British Isles) can take moreover a century before temperature is to the previous phase".

Drijfhout knowing that the environmental variations in ocean circle have an importance thwart (counteract) role in global warming effects for a period of 10 years, nevertheless, the stage seems to be over, at Present.