Depicting Hindu Gods as superheroes, the short movie ‘Sanjay’s super Team’, from the US film production studio Pixar’s is about to hit Indian screens this December.

The director is an Indian-American boy, Sanjay Patel who writes his own story about the journey he has been through to understand the Hindu traditions. The story mainly focuses on the conflict between western culture and Hindu traditions. As the boy wants to follow pop culture but his immigrant father wanted him to follow Hindu traditions.

To his father’s happiness, he follows the age old traditions but with much reluctance. Later he finds the trio deities including Hanuman fighting with a villain by showcasing their bravery and courage. The denouement of story is quite emotional and could bring tears.

Talking about selecting of Sanjay’s story and turning it into an animated film, Jim Morris, President of Pixar Animation studios said, “Shots are all original ideas. We make shots for different reasons. Sometimes it’s because we think that the person has a potential to be a director and then we give them training. Sometimes, they have a good story to tell and we like the idea. That’s the case with Sanjay. It is a special story.”

Recruited as an animator in 1996 by the Pixar Animation Studios, Patel has animated many films like ‘Ratatouille’, ‘Cars’ and ‘Toy story 3’.

The animated film ‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ is scheduled to release on December 4, 2015 in India.