The study of a 125 million year old wing belonging to a primitive bird reveals that birds had the capability of performing aerodynamic feats many years back.

The preserved wing of the bird which was recovered from Spain had articulated bones of forelimbs, plumage and soft tissues in the wing.

The fossil research reveals that due to the complex arrangements of muscles and ligaments, the primitive birds were able to take a flight.

Surprise to see some similarities in primitive and modern bird anatomy, Guillermo Navalon who is a lead author from the University of Bristol’s school of earth sciences said, “It is very surprising that despite being skeletally quite different from their modern counterparts, these primitive birds show striking similarities in their soft anatomy.”

Speculations have been taking rounds, whether the primitive birds may have flown over heads of dinosaurs. However the study has been proceeding further on this. The journal, Scientific Reports published this new study.