Popular series Tintin a European comic strip created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, who wrote under pen name Herge has yield a record of 1.56 million Euros ($1.72 million) in an auction.

The Sotheby's Auction House in Paris organized a sale on 24 October, 2015 which included moreover 132 lots with some 60 original plates by the greatest authors in the genre from both Europe and America including Herge, Foster, Franquin, Gottfredson, McCay, Jacobs and Peyo, retracing in this way the saga of the "Ninth Art".

The collection of comic strips in Sotheby's Auction House belonged to master collector Jean Arnold Schoofs. The auction saw a competitive sale which raised a total 2.7 million Euros ($2.97 million) with five lots breaking world records.

Jean-Arnold Schoofs said, "My wish, until now, was to keep the older well-known major artists from the comic world, who for me will remain in the collective memory. These masters, who have become impossible to find, have always attracted me by their graphic qualities as well as by their historical dimension. Their work will remain. Today, I feel the need to return to the origins of my collection, to the great modern draughtsman, and in particular Hermann."

The double-page comic series by Herge published in Le Petit Vingtiene, 1939 'Tintin and the spectre of Ottokar' which intended the story about a satirical criticism of the expansionist policies by Nazi Germany had a guide price up to 8,00,000 euro's ($881,400) but it fetched double amount after a bidding war between four potential buyers.

Besides, Tintin comic strip an Andre Franquin "Spirouet Fantasio" comic strip from the album "Les Pirates du Silence" sold for 243,000 Euros. Two items by Edgar P. Jacobs fetched 62,500 and 147,000 Euros. Hence this auction proved to be "Old is forever Gold" after having such a huge sale record for the collection by Jean-Arnold.