Hola Coca Cola ! Happy weekend! So here is the thing, we love our sibling but at times we hate them and now it’s time to irritate them. We have found some ways in which you can irritate them more here we go!

1. Wear their favorite clothes without telling them

2. Eat their part of pizza

3. Post their awkward pictures on social media #embarrassingtennagepics

4. Hide their phone when they are running late

5. Tell them they are fat!

6. Say their celebrity crush is not that good

7. Behave dumb or baby talk in front of their crush

8. Eat nosily

9. Sing their favorite song in a bad voice

10. Play music on top volume when they are on phone with their GF/BF

11. Fart in front of them

12. Give them a air kisses

13. Show their childhood pictures to their friends

14. Don’t flush properly

15. Interrupt them with stupid question when they are explaining something

16. Announce during a family gathering that your sister/brother is a good singer

17. Buy stuff for yourself when you take them for shopping

18. Do sassy talk in front of them

19. Dance before them when they are angry or annoyed

20. Copy their new hairstyle

21. Laugh out loud(lol) when they are fighting with you

22. Ask your sibling what they find annoying about you at 2 in night

TRY IT OUT.....It really Works!!!