Apple Inc.

Apple published statistics on the spread of the latest version of iOS, which revealed that two-thirds of iPhone and iPad users are already on it. With that, Tim Cook and company are now several steps ahead of Google and their Android.

According to the latest information from the manufacturer, the newest operating system for smartphones and tablets to Apple in its latest ninth edition is now active in 66% devices whereas previous iOS version 8 is still over 25 percent, and older software used only 9%.

In Android, things are completely different and the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow example is best to explain. Lollipop took 12 months to reach only 25 percent of smartphones and tablets to the platform (as of October 8, 2015).

Of course, Google is different from Apple because their hardware partners receive access to the software later, and updates take time.

Moreover, in the Android platform lower end smartphones rarely get updates.