“I stop and stare at you walking down the shore.
I try to concentrate, but my mind wants to explore
Oh ohoh oh ohoho.. Mysterious girl….”

The balmy weather, dry sand under my feet, the cool breeze, the bellows of the beating waves coupled with blue waters… That’s what I pretend I am seeing when I walk down the Juhu beach on a humid day, when the plastic from the sea water gets entangled with my feet.

I’ve always had this crazy obsession for beach and when it came sea and sand only one name rings in my mind ‘Goa’ ’Goa’ ’Goa’. Well who doesn’t like Goa? You may agree that booze and petrol are cheaper, but when I hear Goa only one thing pops up in my mind “Sun Sand and Sea”. So when I got the news that our department in college was organizing a trip to Goa, as a part of the Third year Industrial visit destination, I was super excited! (Double hand praise emoji for my HOD) I was literally waiting to pay the money and confirm my booking and yeah I and my friends were the first ones to do so. After sleepless nights and days lost in daydreaming, I packed my bags and left to fulfill my life’s calling.

The number of people joining us for this trip was an excess of 115. Kids from various departments and our juniors’ boarded the Konkan Kanya express that was bound to Madgaon. I was looking forward on having a good time with my besties. The advantage of travelling through train was it passed through the Konkan stretch. The Konkan region was like heaven on Earth with its vast spread outs of plantation of mango, cashews and beetle nut trees. There was much greenery to soothe our eyes and it was a crime to sleepin when one can witness the beautiful rising of the sun in the konkan crest. We reached Thivim station at around 12 pm.

We boarded our bus to head to our hotel in a village called Assagao in the heart of north Goa. It seems our driver was a fan of rash driving; judging on the way he drove the bus through the narrow lanes of Goa. We felt like we were part of some crazy roller coaster ride while we clung to our seats through our journey. We reached our hotel which was named after the village itself: Assagao. I was more of spacious bunglows situated at fair distance from each other. The rooms were equally spacious and beautiful. After exploring our rooms and comparing our room with our neighbors, we were like a bunch of crazies jumping over our bed and breaking our backs. While exploring we discover something amazing. A pool. This hotel has a pool of its own! Could things get any better? Since this was a Industrial visit, we had to go visit a Ice cream factory and Coke factory. The only thing we learnt was ice cream is 70% air, so we can gorge in all we want without worrying about calories. And about coke factory, we got free coke…. Cheersss! It was beach time! We headed to the Calangute beach, which was the longest beach in north Goa in Bardez district. Locals here say that this beach was discovered by hippies…… hmmmm interesting. The water was crystal clear, the weather was perfect and since it was off season the beach was stranded. After a long walk, run and dancing around the beach we witnessed the beautiful setting of sun over the west coast. After this, we headed to our hotel and hogged in dinner and chattered for rest of the night.


A new day and this wasn’t a dream! Our teachers were all chilled out, in a good mood. Well Goa kinda grows on you; apparently our teachers had become victims of this and our let us loose. We were like a group of crazies. People here were so turnt up that we got a news that one of the guys broke their balcony window (teenagers duh). It was time for educational stuff, we had to visit a milk factory (like there aint one in Mumbai*Smirk*). You just need a reason to plan a trip to anywhere everything else was an excuse. The visit to milk factory took half our time but the events to follow were awesome enough to heighten our spirits. We headed to Miramar beach one of the most visited beaches in Panjim. Unlike Calangute it was relatively crowded and had a coral blue tinge to its waters in comparison to the golden austere of sands in Calangute. Sun, Sand and Swimming, we spent our evening strolling lazily by the pristine sky blue waters of Miramar. With “ ale, ale… hum befikar chalet rahe” playing in my mind. After a great time on Miramar beach, It was cruise time! We headed to a place below Mandovi Bridge in Panjim which Organised 1 hour cruise in the quite waters. Boat trip aint complete if you don’t enact the hands like an eagle pose on top of the deck. As we gathered and sat down in the lower deck area, Malvani and Goan music started playing and girls and guys wearing traditional attire took over the dance floor and set it on fire. The music was catchy and it was very hard to not to grove to the tunes. They invited us to the main deck to join them in dance and what happened next was crazy. 100 of college going kids were dancing to bollywood number and Konkani songs. The party would be incomplete without dancing to “Mi bai koli and Bhagtoy rikckshawala’. It was hot but we jammed like it was our birthright. I was sure that we would be drop dead by exhaustion once we reached our hotel room, but there is no sleeping when you have your friends around. Sleep aint anywhere in your vicinity.

It was our last day in Goa. We packed and bid farewell to our rooms. We did more educational stuff (bwahahaha Educational?!?) we visited the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) the campus was jaw dropping, I mean from which campus could you see the vast stretch of glimmering blue water? It made me question my life, what am I doing? Why aint I majoring in Oceanography and getting a degree from this place? We went through the exhibits of ancient seashells and stuff and clicked photos in campus even when we were warned not to do so. Next stop was Dona Paula. So Dona Paula is a mini rock from where you can get the panoramic view of the ocean and beautiful white cottages situated at a distance. This is also the place where the epic scene from Singham movie was shot. Locals say (or should I say the kids from my college) that this place was named after a girl called Dona Paula, who fell in love with a local goan guy. But her father didn’t approve of their relationship and she committed suicide by jumping of this very cliff. This story is the reason the famous suicide scene from the movie Ek Dujhe Ke Liye was shot here. Though the rumors have it the real story is a bit different. This place was named after Dona Paula who did a lot of charitable work, so in here honor the named this place after her. Suicide due to failure in LOVE?!?. LOL. We bought some cool English bonnet kind of hats and pretended to be Englishwoman; well we would have made a poor impression of one. After biding our goodbyes to Dona Paula, it was time for shopping. We reached a local market. These shops were stacked with three things; Cashews, Pickled Meat and a whole lot of Liquor! Like literally all the shops had these things in excess. They had this local item called as Kaju Feni which was a specialty here, a kind of liquor extracted from the fruit of Cashew. They had these Kaju feni’s in beautifully assorted bottles. After shopping, we were bound to Thivim station, our starting point. The train journey back home was fun with my 3 besties and a whole group of new friends we made in this trip. The beautiful Konkan sun let out its last few rays as it descended down the horizon painting the western sky in the shades of auburn and orange. As we said our goodbyes to Goa, we hoped to visit it soon to explore more places and sights goa beholds.