An economic package of Rs 80,000 crore was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for development of Jammu and Kashmir.

While addressing to a mob of Kashmirians, he made this announcement which received a huge applauds from the audience at Sher-e-Kashmir stadium.

Encouraging the crowd PM Modi said, “Don’t think Rs 80,000 crore package is the limit. This is just the beginning. There want be any dearth of money. Not only just our treasury but our heart also beats for you.”

Reliving the past moments of flood in Kashmir PM Modi said that, he didn’t celebrate his birthday due to floods. He said that flood victims should receive economic help to improve their life.

Talking about tourism in Kashmir, he said that with the developmental package he wants to make Jammu and Kashmir a place for tourist attraction. Admiring the beauty of the place he said that Kashmir is “shaan, baan, aan” (pride and glory) of India.

PM Modi has already proposed the developmental measures with the help of leaders and Chief Minister of the state.