Where Mumbai suffered in 26/11 terrorist attacks and serial blasts in 2008. The same sight in Paris takes place and transforms the night into a nightmare when Paris residents and tourists were caroused and enjoying a friendly soccer match between France and World Champion Germany. Terrorists armed with AK-47s and some of them carrying bombs, sited the attacks all over the French Capital and the stadium where the soccer match is happening. The coordinated attacks in late Friday slaughtered the scores and left the country in a sorrow.

According to Francois Molins, Paris prosecutor says, there were overall six locations which were attacked in and out of the capital.

During the rock concerts, +112 people were killed in an open fire by numbers of gunmen, where the SWAT units storm the theatre and extinguished four destructors. A eye witness of this on going terror event tells Radio France that attackers enters the Bataclan concert hall firing and shouting "Allah Akbar".

Stade de France

Saint-Denis, suburb to north of Paris, there were four people killed outside the stadium. Serial Blasts were reported during the soccer game between France and Germany. Where one blast was of a sleeper cell, in line with an intelligence source.

Petit Cambodge
14 people killed in Rue Bichat at the location of Le Petit Cambodge restaurant, stated by French Officials.

La Belle Equipe

19 were attacked after a bar on Rue De Charonne

Avenue da la Republique
Four were hitted on Avenue da la Republique

At the least, according to French authorities, 153 people were terminated in attacks on Paris and Saint-Denis firings and blasts.

U.S. President Barack Obama talked with French President Francois Hollande in accordance to support and assist in the investigation, said the White House. Obama voiced, "The assault was not on Paris and the people of France, this attack is on humanity and universal principles that we share". He said the attacks "an immoral act to threaten innocent civilians"

">November 14, 2015