Since 1927 Time editors has chosen among over 50 global leaders, business chiefs and pop icons and they continued their tradition of selecting a "Man of the year"

This year Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chairman Mukesh Ambani and Google's India-born CEO Sundar Pichai made it into the list of Time editors.

The Time person of the year 2015 will be announced next month and the publication said that the title will be gifted to the person who "most influenced the news this year for the better or worse".

Time asked its readers to vote the individual who they think should get the title of person of the year where Modi has so far has got 1.3% of the votes the same as Pichai and Russian President Vladimir Putin cast, while Ambani casts a mere 0.2% votes.

According to Time; "Modi has been chosen on the basis of his encouragement for foreign investment in India and is trying to modernize the world's largest democracy, while Ambani casts votes for being richest person in India who owns everything from Telecom properties to world's largest crude oil refinery, Pichai was selected as after 11 years at Google, most recently co-founder Larry Page's right hand, Pichai assumed the tech giant's top job.

Time said that 2015 is filled with newsmakers who have defined the year.