On a recent debate regarding the ban of Pakistani artists working in India. Bollywood Hero Salman Khan reverts towards the statement and says that art and entertainment has no limitation and it shouldn't be considered with politics.

Salman commented, "Everything is not digital and Indian viewers love to watch every entertainment show, which also comprehend popular Pakistani shows. That's why, art and entertainment has no limitations. And entertainment always impose that what common viewer's wishes to watch".

While last month, when popular Pakistani Singer was tend to belay (cancel) his show, because of political intervene. Where the general secretary of film wing Chitrapat Sena party says, "How can Pakistani artists be part of our film industry, where our soldiers are killed by them? We are we not gathering any cultural ties with such foes."

The Pakistani actors who were targeted by Shiv Sena who had Kitty in some of the Bollywood projects such as Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan.

"Politics and entertainment shouldn't be combined. This is unto the desires of common people. If a Pakistani actor fits to portray a role, no one can extort them. Bollywood with huge numbers of admirer in Pakistan earns a good portion with the neighboring nation."