‘Piku’ star Deepika Padukone had not signed any film for 2016 despite a busy 2015 as she has not find anything exciting script so far.

According to our sources when she was asked about not having any film despite being among the top actresses in Bollywood at the moment, on which she said, “I have reached a stage where I don’t need work to keep myself busy. I don’t want to do films just for the heck of making announcements.

She also said, "I don't need to do a film to keep my calendar busy. I have read a lot of scripts, but I have not been excited about anything that I have read. I am okay with it."

In 2015, Deepika had given three blockbusters like “Piku”, “Tamasha” and another one which would be releasing soon “Bajirao Mastani”. On which she says that, “The most challenging part is doing three films simultaneously. The films, the characters and the directors are different, and which is not the ideal way of working as I do and I would like to do one film at a time and dedicate the time to that film.”

On other side “Piku” star also says she is not going to leave any interesting projects. But if that happens, then you have to balance it out.