Prakash javadekar Union Environment Minister of the country says that, past 3 years the numbers of tigers have been increased in the country.

In 2008 the country had 1,411 tigers according to a survey report but this time the number has increased to 1706 in the year 2011. The update report in the year 2014 says that 2,226 tigers are estimated to be present in the country.

Union Environment Minister Javadekar said that, India contains 70% of tigers in the world’s tiger’s population and also said that the government put up very nice efforts to increase the number of tigers in the country.

Before that we did not have any technique to have the actual figure of tigers in the country but now through census report we are very close to the correct figure of tigers and this is really very positive news for the country.

“While the tiger population is falling in the world, it is rising in India. It is a great news”, said Javadekar. “Never before such an exercise has been taken in that massive scale where we have unique photographs of 80% of the India’s tiger”.

According to the census report there are highest number of tiger in Karnataka (408) the age group of 1.5 years and more, in other place like MP (308), TamilNadu(229), and MH(190).